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Blood Donation

Voluntary Blood Donation program is the foundation for safe and quality Blood Transfusion Service as the blood collection from Voluntary non-remunerated blood donors is considered to be the safest. In order to augment Voluntary Blood Donation in the country, there was a felt need to develop an operational guideline which can provide all the necessary information on recruitment and retention of voluntary blood donors and guide organizations for this important activity.

Recruitment of safe donors is a challenging task. It is necessary that people realize that blood donation is their responsibility. No Blood Bank, hospital or Government can sustain health care without adequate blood from such donors and Blood Donor Organisations plays a very crucial role in this endeavor.

In order to improve upon the voluntary blood collection through a comprehensive voluntary blood donation program, this guideline will serve as an important tool as it covers every aspect of the program including the organization of the VBD camps. This will also be of immense help to all those who are involved with the voluntary blood donation program in the country.

Blood Donation Type

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Live Blood Donation

If anyone is in need of blood in emergency situation then we have a facility to provide for the same.

Blood Donation Camp

We organize Blood Donation Camp in all Rural areas where there is a need of blood for medical Emergencies.

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