हिम सामाजिक संगठन                                                                           HIM SAMAJIK SANGATHAN

Serve the Humanity and Nation


We work at the grass-root level to strengthen the education system. To print, publish, circulate and book, pamphlets, etc. for the benefit of the School and the Association. To acquire by purchase, take on lease, hire or by gift and hold any movable or immovable properties and any rights, or privileges that may be deemed necessary or useful for the advancement of the objects of the Association



  • To provide a good platform for the people for development of intellectual/ professional competence.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programs for Adult Education, Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, Lectures, Exhibitions, Essay Competitions and Press conference.
  • To assist in personality development and to conduct time-to-time practical oriented training for public.
  • To organize cultural & religious program for promoting the eternal & intellectual welfare of society.

We request you to Join our hands to support this initiative for keeping this distribution enduring.

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